Leadership Team

With over 75 years of combined experience in the design, construction and operations of high availability facilities, alternative energy and telecommunications projects, Rubicon’s executive management team understand the needs and challenges of facility owners, end users and alternative energy manufactures. As a result, we have a unique stakeholder’s perspective to design, construction and energy conservation by managing costs, reducing risks, and meeting critical project schedules. On every Rubicon project, we draw upon our knowledge and expertise to drive efficiencies, challenge assumptions and prudently apply capital against legitimate business risk and return.

William J. Pirrone; PE – Managing Principal

A founding member of the company, Bill is an established figure in the high availability, telecommunications, alternative energy and energy conservation industries and has more than 35 years of engineering design and construction, operations and maintenance experience.  Bill is also a founding member of Rubicon Technical Services, LLC., an industry leader in commissioning agent services.  Prior to founding Rubicon, Bill was Director of Global Engineering at JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) where he provided engineering design and support of over 70 million square feet of real estate.  Bill also led the design, construction and operation of JPMC’s data centers, critical operating centers and trading facilities.  While at JPMC Bill was schooled in banking finance and tax laws where he developed a healthy knowledge of the financial markets, venture capital and the stock exchange; all of which are a part of Rubicon’s market approach and product delivery.  Bill’s previousl experience includes serving as team leader and project engineer at Johnson Controls, where he was responsible for specific accounts that required precision environmental controls of high integrity for mission critical operating centers.  Bill was also played a key role in the deregulation of AT&T and the US telephone system while working with International Telephone and Telegraph (IT&T) where he was responsible for the design, construction and deployment of microwave transmission facilities across the US to bypass AT&T’s terrestrial cable lines.  Bill holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Pratt Institute and is a licensed professional engineer.


Morris O’Riordan, Vice President – National Construction Services

Morris brings 25 years of construction and project management experience as gained through his work in this industry as a project management team leader.   Morris has managed all aspects of construction from ground up buildings, theaters, conference centers, interior buildouts, retail shops and healthcare.  He has spent the last 12 years working on electrical utility infrastructure, MEP infrastructure, mission critical, data centers and alternative energy projects.  Morris is responsible for all aspects of a project including design / planning budgeting, value engineering, scheduling and general construction.  Morris’ strength lie in his awareness of the needs of his customer.  His vast and in-depth knowledge of construction, his attention to detail, his ability to control project costs and schedule, his management, mentoring and resource planning of his team and his relationship with subcontractors and vendors make him a key component to the Rubicon team.  Prior to joining Rubicon, Morris worked at O’Malley Construction and Walsh Construction Company of Illinois.  Morris holds a BS in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on construction management from Utah State University.